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The Black Angels - Seattle, WA - 6.11.2008

The Black Angels are a rock and roll band from Austin, Texas. They formed in 2004 taking their name from "The Black Angel Death Song" by the Velvet Underground.

The term "Psychdelic Rock" is extremely vague by nature and it does not actually mean anything. It does not refer to a specefic musical style or technique.It is a general term that can refer to any band that would sound better if you were high on Acid. That said The Black Angels are the definitive Neo-Psychedelic Rock Band of my generation. They have been the backing band for Rocky Erickson. They sound more droney than the Velvet Underground, more minimal than spaceman 3, and more strung out than The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

This show is a recording of the Black Angel's first set at Neumo's in Seattle on June 11, 2008. The best way to listen to this recording is alone in a dark room with your eyes closed. It sounds like three hits of acid, two balloons, and a fat line of Ketamine. These songs are deeply meditative but dark and sinister at the same time. Each song evokes vivid images of distant and haunting landscape full unspeakable beauty and strange, dark shadows.

This is an excellent show. All the songs came from their debut album Passover and their follow up Directions to See a Ghost. This was recorded in June of 2008 less than one month after Directions to See a Ghost had been released.

It is an audience capture. Normally I only post shows from the soundboard, but in this case the dissident echoey sound of an audience recording compliments the sound of The Black Angels in a very good way.

The Black Angel's
Location: Live at Neumo's - Seattle, WA
Recorded: 6.11.2008
Source: Audience
Duration: 80min
Size: 112.7mb

Set List:

01. [Intro]
02. Manipulation
03. You On The Run
04. Sniper At The Gates Of Heaven
05. Mission District
06. Black Grease
07. Deer-Ree-Shee
08. Science Killer
09. Young Men Dead
10. Empire
11. Surf City Revisited
12. Never Ever
13. [Intermission]
14. Better Off Alone
15. You In Color

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