Monday, June 27, 2011

Nobunny: Live on KDVS - 8.19.2008

Nobunny is a Garage Rock/Power Pop outfit out of San Francisco, CA. It has only one consistent member Justin Champlin who has been recording and performing as Nobunny since 2001. Nobunny released his first record Love Visions in November of 2008. The release of that record as well as his incessant touring has gained him world wide recognition. Since the death of Jay Reatard in 2010 Nobunny may have taken his place as the most widely recognized face in the world of Garage Rock. Ironically few people know what his face actually looks like because he never appears in public without his signature bunny mask.

This is a bootleg of Nobunny Live on KDVS recorded 8.19.2008 three months before the release of Love Visions. It is a short performance clocking in at under thirteen minutes but he performs some of the best songs off of his breakthrough debut album.

Track Listing:
1. Nobunny Loves You
2. Mess Me Up
3. Church Mouse
4. Boneyard
5. It's True
6. Tina Goes To Work
7. Chuck Berry Holiday

Nobunny Live on KDVS
Recorded: 8.19.2008
Size: 11.5
Source: Radio Broadcast
Bitrate: 128kbps
Dudration: 12:22

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