Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Velvet Underground Live at the Gymnasium - New York - 4.30.1967

The Velvet Underground were a Rock and Roll Band from New York City. They formed in 1964. They began as a folk rock band which was the hip sort of band to be in the East-Village in the mid-sixties. But their sound quickly evolved beyond their immediate scene. They incorporated Lou Reed's pop sensibility with John Cale's background in avant-gard neo-classic minimalist compositions to create a style of Music that was completely Unique from everything that had ever come before it.

I chose the Velvet Underground Live at The Gymnasium April 30th, 1967 because it is an excellent document of a very special time and place. This show was recorded one month after the release of their debut album The Velvet Underground and Nico. This is the only bootleg I've ever found from 1967. It's also one of the few live recordings of The Velvet Underground made before John Cale left the band.

The first track"I'm Not A Young Man Anymore" is not available anywhere else. The second track "Guess I'm Falling In Love" is only available officially on the box set. This show was also the first ever performance of "Sister Ray" which wouldn't be release until their next album came out a year later.

The audio quality is impeccable. I'm not sure if the source was a soundboard or audience recording but it is the only Velvet Underground Bootleg I've ever found where the vocals are remotely audible. The Velvet Underground were the band that got me started collecting Bootlegs and this show is most definitely the best sounding recording of their early days available anywhere.

The Velvet Underground Live at the Gymnasium - New York
Recorded: 4.30.1967
Size: 80.0 mb

Track Listing:
1. I'm Not a Young Man Anymore - 7:17
2. Guess I'm Falling in Love - 4:18
3. I'm Waiting for the Man - 5:24
4. Run Run Run - 6:55
5. Sister Ray - 18:55


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